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The Law Office of S. Judson Waites, II, P.C.

Judson Waites, II, P.C.

Mr. Waites was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and grew up in Dallas, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He attended Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he was on the Dean’s List, was a legislator in the Student Government Association, played on the varsity football team, and was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Mr. Waites attended Mercer University School of Law in Macon, Georgia, where he was on the Dean’s List and was a member of the Mock Trial team. After graduation from law school in 1992, Mr. Waites practiced law in Montgomery, Alabama for three years before moving to Marietta, Georgia in 1995. Mr. Waites practiced law with other lawyers over the next four years before starting his current law practice in Marietta as a sole practitioner in 1999. Mr. Waites is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, the State Bar of Alabama, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, MENSA, and the Due West United Methodist Church. He enjoys sports, music, travel, and spending time with his family and friends.

Areas of expertise:

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Includes car accident cases, wrongful death cases, and other cases where a person is physically injured due to another person’s or corporation’s negligence or intentional acts.

Business, Contract & Employment disputes

Includes both the bringing of lawsuits and the defending of lawsuits in cases involving a claim of breach of contract or other agreement; a collection of past due accounts; an evaluation and resolution of non-compete agreements, non-solicitation agreements, and/or non-disclosure agreements; job discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation cases. For example, we have successfully represented several e mployees against the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Postal Service.

Criminal Defense

Defense of criminal charges, including DUI defense, traffic offenses, drug possession, and other misdemeanors and felonies.


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  • M. Irwin Jr.

    "Jud Waites is a very sharp, hard working attorney and on top of his game. He represented me on two civil litigation matters as a defendant, and I felt he looked out for my best interest. He's a geat strategist and seems very thorough with his work. My wife, who worked in the legal system for many years, agrees with me. She has mentioned at times that she does not have faith in many attorneys but felt that he was very competent."

  • D. Artrav

    "Our offices have used Jud's services to handle our legal issues for over three years now. They are prompt and professional when dealing with our staff and always advise us of the different avenues available for our issues. Jud's office does a tremendous job of explaining legal issues and documenting the entire process so you'll always recognize what was done. Jud has successfully litigated on our behalf as well as written business documents and contracts. We view Jud and his staff as valued members of our team who we completely trust to do the best for our organization and fervently protect our interests both individually and as a corporation. I highly recommend Jud and his staff for business use in a legal capacity; from collections to contracts to litigation, they have proven time and again that they are there for us when we need them."

  • T. Baley

    "Jud represented me in recovering money from a client, the first time I had ever had a disagreement with a client of mine for this amount of money. Step-by-step Jud gave me a clear, business-like evaluation of choices to make.  In the end, he helped me reach an excellent settlement with my former client. Knowing I have Jud in my corner will help me negotiate better deals the next time. Highly recommended!"

  • Chad A. Massaker, CEO, Carceron Systems Group, LLC

    "You have an aggressive style tempered by professional grace that has proven to be the right combination to get the job done. I also applaud your willingness to learn more about technological intricacies in order to better assist Carceron with its case."

  • Lee Dennis, CEO, Enchanted Gourmet

    "You are one amazing attorney. I’ve always told you that I felt you were the type of litigator who goes for the jugular.Well I’ve seen you work and can testify to the fact that you are a fabulous negotiator as well. I am grateful for the contract negotiations and vendor disputes you’ve handled for Enchanted Gourmet.Your knowledge and expertise are beyond a doubt some of the finest traits I’ve witnessed in your industry. As a witness in a courtroom for a client I referred to you I must say you even won the judge over. Wow! I have recently given your name, and cited your credentials, to someone with a malpractice claim.I know you’ll represent her well. I am proud to say you are and will continue to be our corporate as well as personal attorney. We value you as a special friend, too!"

FAQ  & Find us:

Q: How much do you charge?

Mr. Waites is paid for his services based on one of the following commonly-used attorney fee arrangements
(a) an hourly basis plus expenses,
(b) a contingency fee basis, also known as a percentage basis, where Mr. Waites receives a percentage of the monies recovered, plus expenses, or
(c) a flat fee plus expenses.
Which fee arrangement will apply to your case depends on, among other things, the type of case, the facts of the case, and the laws that may apply to your case.

Q: What is the difference between negotiation, meditation and arbitration?

Negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation are different methods with which to resolve disputes. Negotiation refers to the communications directly between the parties, or their attorneys, in the hope of resolving, or settling, the case. Mediation is a meeting of the parties (and any attorneys involved) with a neutral, unbiased person who acts as a mediator to encourage settlement of the case.The opinion of the mediator as to who should win the case is not binding on the parties, and often is not revealed during the mediation’s encouragement of settlement. Arbitration is similar to mediation in that it is a meeting of the parties with neutral, unbiased person(s), but arbitration is different in that the arbitrator(s)’ decision as to who should win is binding on the parties and resolves the case. Litigation of a dispute occurs when a trial of the case takes place in court in front of either a judge (a.k.a. bench trial) or a jury.

Q: Am I permitted to represent myself in court?

It depends.In general, the answer is yes, any person can represent himself or herself in court. However, a person increases his or her chances of winning a case by retaining the services of a lawyer, who is trained in the nuances of dispute resolution.In addition, Georgia law requires that a corporation be represented in any court of record by an attorney only. Instances when a person is not permitted to represent himself or herself include the representation in court of minors and legally incompetent persons.



Q: Will my case be settled prior in court, or will I have to go to court for a trial?

While the great majority of cases settles prior to trial, some still have to go to court for a trial to resolve the case. Whether a case settles or goes to trial depends on the type of case, the facts of the particular case, the laws that apply to the case, and the personalities of the parties, witnesses, lawyers and other people involved in the case.



Our Location:

Law Office of S. Judson Waites, II, P.C. 145 Church Street, Suite 110 Marietta, Georgia 30060 Ph. (770) 420-6566 Fax (770) 424-1408


Directions from downtown Atlanta:

(1) Take I-75 North to exit #265, and at end of exit ramp, turn left onto Marietta Pkwy.
(2) Go 2 miles, until you drive under a bridge.
(3) After going under the bridge, go 100 yards to your next traffic light and turn left onto Polk St.
(4) Cross over the railroad tracks, and immediately turn right into parking lot of our building and park.Our building is called the Stephens Bldg., and is located on the corner of Church St and Polk St.It is a two story building with yellow siding and a green awning over the door on the Polk St side of the building..
(5) Go in the door under the green awning, and I am on the ground floor in Suite 110. My building is on the corner of Polk St and Church St, but you must use the Polk St door to get to my office.